Areas treated

Pest control results guaranteed!

There are so many vulnerable cracks, crevices, and incredibly small spaces through which pests can invade your home.

Creepy Crawly techicians will stop any pest before they get in, because they know where they are likely to get in and which paths they are likely to follow.

Each one of Creepy Crawly’s home programs are custom-designed by graduate entomologists to effectively remove and continuously repel any invasive pest.

Initial service

Here are the areas we typically focus on during your initial service:

Interior service

Carryout a complete and thorough inspection of all internal areas . Treatment to all crack and crevice, kitchens, bathrooms, exterior doors and thresholds, plumbing penetrations, around windows, and the garage are treated. We use our Actisol micro sprayers to get to where pests hide and breed with no messy residue.

Exterior service

Pinpoint placement treatment of areas conducive to pest infestation,  and a perimeter treatment to prevent future infestations.

Follow-up service

Includes at anytime a reinfestation occurs, we will retreatment the area of your home required , until we get the problem sorted or we will refund you all funds paid towards the treatment of that pest.



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