Time to send these cockroaches packing!

Looking for specialists in the prevention and extermination of cockroach pests. Well you’ve come to the right place. Creepy have the expertise to give you complete confidence in a cockroach-free future.

There are  about 3500 cockroach species world-wide, about 400 of which are found in the Australia. Cockroaches vary in colour from a brown to black in the house-invading species, and these nasty pests can grow up to almost four centimetres  in length, and prefer warm, moist, and dark areas.

Typically, infestations of pest cockroaches develop in and around buildings and other structures that provide food, shelter, and often the preferred conditions of temperature and humidity. A commercial kitchen may support hundreds or even thousands of cockroaches at varying stages of development. They may be carried from place to place as live individuals or as egg cases, in foods and food packaging, luggage, furniture, buses, trains, ships and planes.

Have a Creepy Crawly home program in place before they come knocking!





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