FAQs – termites

Answers to your frequently asked questions about termites

Why should I choose Creepy Crawly Pest Services?

  • All technicians are trained by a certified expert on a continuous basis to make sure they are current on all the latest techniques and methods.
  • All technicians are “professional” in appearance; with clean uniforms, pleasant professional manners, and an understanding of the importance of punctuality.
  • All technicians drive clean, safe, and professional appearing vehicles.
  • All technicians render quick response service calls, usually within 24 hours of notification.
  • Creepy Crawly has nearly 40 years of experience in the pest control industry. President/owner Anthony Anderson is a University  Pest Management Graduate.
  • Creepy Crawly leads the way to the future with our advanced treatment methods. We don’t “follow the pack.”
  • Creepy Crawly employees utilize state-of-the-art pest management programs.
  • Creepy Crawly is open Saturdays and has a 24 hour hotline.
  • Creepy Crawly is engaged in all phases of pest management: pest control, rodent control, termite control, fumigation, , mosquito control, commercial services, and pre-construction services.

How can I tell the difference between a flying ant and a termite?

There are three easy ways to tell flying ants and termites apart:

Wing size: Termite wings are all equal in length and extend well past the abdomen. Ants have wings which are unequal in length and generally end at the tip of the abdomen.

Antennae shape: Antennae on termites are straight and beadlike, but on ants they are elbowed.

Waist size: Ants have a pinched waist, but termites have no constriction in the body and are more streamlined.


What is a termite swarm, and what should I do if I experience one?

Termite swarms occur when a termite colony has grown so large that they send out new reproductive termites to start new colonies. The swarmers can come out during the day or night depending on their species. Subterranean termites generally swarm during the day and have more individuals than Drywood termites which swarm generally at night.

The important issue here is that swarmers are a sign of termite infestation, and that means you have a problem. The good news is the experts at Hulett are here to help!

What treatment method would Creeply Crawly recommend to protect my home from termites?

Different types of termites require different types of services, and Creepy Crawly provides all of the most effective and environmentally responsible treatments!

Drywood Termites: Drywood termites require treatments such as structural (tent) fumigation. Creepy Crawly will work with you and what authorities in your state to control these nasty pests.

Subterranean Termites: Subterranean termites are eliminated in ways such as Creepy Crawly’s Liquid Defence treatment or by a Termite Baiting System. Also our Termifilm physical barrier can be utilised in moisture prone areas around the structure.

Creepy Crawly’s Liquid Defence treatment creates an invisible liquid barrier around your home. This method has become America and Australia’s number one termite treatment with over 2,000,000 homes treated!

Baiting systems provide a food source for termites and then use an insect growth regulator to eliminate the colony. If you get rid of the colony there are no termites to attack your home.

What is the difference between a Drywood termite and a Subterranean termite?

Drywood termites are a group of termites that do not need ground contact or moisture. They can live their entire life cycle inside a piece of structural timber or a piece of furniture. Their numbers are less than that of Subterranean termites and they tend to be a bit larger in size. Drywood termites generally swarm after sunset or at night, from October until May. However, they can swarm at other times. Their swarmers are generally brownish in colour.

Subterranean termites must have ground contact or a secondary moisture source to live. Most are small and black in the swarmer phase. Subterranean termites generally swarm during the Spring and Summer months during the daytime (especially after a heavy rain). However, they can swarm at other times


My home is built of concrete block and steel, so do I still need to worry about termites?

When it comes to termites, it doesn’t matter if your home or office is built of concrete block /steel or if it is sitting on a concrete slab without wood contacting the ground. Your property is still vulnerable to subterranean termites; and once inside they are difficult to detect until significant damage has been done.

Subterranean termites can travel long distances through your home. Since they usually only swarm once a year, you are not likely to see them. They create mud tunnels, many feet long, eating their way even through wood that has been pre-treated with preservatives.

The good news is Creepy Crawly’s termite treatments can actually prevent all of this from happening. Our preventive termite treatments catch termites before they ever enter your home.

Will termites go away on their own after termite season passes?

Unfortunately, no. Termites are present during both termite swarm season and non-season times. The difference is whether you see them or not. Subterranean termites create mud tunnels, many feet long, which allow them to eat their way through your home without being detected until swarm season.

The good news is Creepy Crawly’s termite treatments can actually prevent this from happening. Our preventive termite treatments catch termites before they ever enter your home.

Could there be termites on my property right now moving towards my home?

Yes! Termites are constantly foraging for new food sources. An average lot surrounding a home can support three to four active termite colonies. Each colony can contain as many as a million termites.

The good news is Creepy Crawly’s termite treatments can actually prevent this from happening. Our preventive termite treatments catch termites before they ever enter your home.

Still have a question?

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