Plasmite™ products


Plasmite™ – superior, efficient termite barriers and control

When you engage Creepy Crawly Pest Control you are engaging professional that know how to control pests from start to finish.

The Plasmite™ range of products are unique, certified products were developed in the Creepy Crawly laboratories, and tested by industry professionals.

Not only are we fully knowledgeable about the products in use, but with no middle man, Creepy Crawly can pass savings on to you our customers.

Over many years, Creepy Crawly Pest Control developed the Plasmite™ range of products, which provide superior, efficient termite barriers and pre-construction pest control measures (such as Plasmite Tubes in the Wall System) to offer builders and homeowners superior protection at low prices.

By manufacturing our own Plasmite™ products the savings can be easily passed on to the customer/builder and you can be assured that it the product will work by having the inventors being a part of the industry themselves – knowing all the specifications and pros and cons of termite/pest control.




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