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Creepy Crawly Pest Control is an industry leader in pest & termite prevention, including rodent control in Australia since 1976, we have over 40 years experience in building excellent customer relationships through meeting the needs of our commercial, residential & building clients.

We wish to share this success with you, by offering you the knowledge, training & specialised products, with which you can build your Creepy Crawly Franchise. WORK IN PROGRESS AND FRANCHISING THESE AREAS NOW: Coffs Harbour, Gympie, Mackay and Maryborough/Hervey Bay


Training Programs

Creepy Crawly Pest Control Pty Ltd is affiliated with  Australasian Institute of Pest Management Training (same Director and Ownership),  an Australian Government approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO), thus providing the utmost advanced modern training programs in the industry to Creepy Crawly,s employees.

You will learn all aspects of Pest Management from A to Z. Ongoing training is provided to always keep you up to date with any technology & systems.

Brand Equity

For over 40 years the Creepy Crawly brand has been a household name in many parts of Australia.

Our branding equates to known job satisfaction & outstanding customer relationships.

As a franchisee you will have access to all marketing products, brochures, sales materials & knowledge/experience.

Long term Support & Business Planning

Creepy Crawly Pest Control will provide highly experienced team members to support you in the start up of your franchise. This will include all advice, sales information, equipment, materials, development & marketing programs & help with initial sales.

Guidance with all documentation, quoting & establishing your first year,s sales goals.

We will monitor all sales goals & supply important feedback to help your franchise grow.

Training & Education

Creepy Crawly/AIPMT has Training Programs that meet the industry benchmark in Australia & Overseas.

As an Australian Government approved Registered Training Organisation, Creepy Crawly Pest Control/AIPMT training program is highly regarded among its peers, as all aspects of Pest Management are provided in a simplified & concise manner for ease of understanding & best learning outcomes, from theory, onsite, textbook activities & online methods of delivery.

Our experienced team will teach you everything, from all pest treatments to office administration using specific software packages. Our team is constantly looking at new innovative service techniques to improve our systems for you & your clients.

Marketing & Advertising

The Creepy Crawly Brand is fully supported by a Head Office with corporate marketing & special advertising activities in conjunction with all franchises. Our main website will have a page dedicated to your franchise area and the services your can provide in that area. Our 1800CREEPY free call number will be available to catch incoming calls with the work booked into your scheduling system.

Your Franchises online presence will be enhanced through our marketing teams knowledge of web search engine, yellow page & media placement. You will have access to our media library of TV commercials, printed materials & voice on hold to enhance your advertising strength. All other advertising including vehicle stickers, fridge magnets, hats, pens, fly swatters are all ready for use.

Fleet, Equipment & Control Agents

Innovation if the forefront of Creepy Crawlys arsenal of treatment application equipment & control agents, you as a franchise will have access to our in house products. Our own chemical registrations also make the purchase of control agents significantly less than your competitors. Our Creepy Crawly supply centre will look after you with everything you need at the right price. Our vehicles are sign written with our brand logo, which is easily recognisable by customers.

Online Management

You as a Franchise will be representing the Creepy Crawly Brand & that is why the online presence is so important. We will make sure you are represented on all the major search engines on the internet, including Yahoo & Google. Also not to mention the social networks of twitter & facebook.

Business & Customer Management

All Franchisees will have access to our pest management software programs at discounted rates to access the daily information to help run the business. The system is all cloud based allowing the franchise to easily track client bookings, payments & billing.

This software programming is state of the art and has been used by Creepy Crawly for over 15 years.

Head office always has team members available for any inquiries that may arise.

Promotional Support & Strategic Planning

Business Management, technical resources & marketing programs that work are all available to aid the franchisee in their location.

With a mission statement that is a philosophy of providing our customer with the best care at all times, we a high level of care to secure our business reputation.

Conversion Franchise

If you are looking to start a new Pest Management business or convert an existing business to a Creepy Crawly Pest Control Franchise is an option. Be in Business for yourself but not by yourself.

A Brand that's Unique

Please contact us for available areas.

Notice Regarding Franchise Law before it is offered or sold in that jurisdiction.

Nothing communicated in these website pages should be construed as an offer to sell a Creepy Crawly Pest Control Franchise to residents of any jurisdiction which requires registration of the franchise.

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