Creepy Crawly | Rubbermite ™ Physical Termite Barrier

Where the rubber meets pest control.

Rubbermite™ is a world first in protection of structure from termite ingress using recycled crumbed particle rubber.

This product once installed correctly by our fully trained technicians will last for the life of your structure. 

  • 100% recycled vehicle tyres
  • Natural rubber crumb compound
  • Helps the environment with proper disposal of unwanted waste tyres
  • Tested by Dr Berhand Amend (University of Melbourne) and Dr John French (University Sunshine Coast)
  • No harmful insecticides added
  • Affordable to use for your new home/existing home or extension
  • Australian invented and manufactured
  • Renewable warranty for life of structure.

*See Rubbermite™ warranty for full terms and conditions.

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