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There are many different pre-treatment methods available today, but what technique is best for the builder? Creepy Crawly’s Termite Baiting System saves precious time, is not weather dependent, keeps crews working, and saves the builder worry and money! 

What are the advantages of Creepy Crawly’s termite baiting system?   
  • No more Interruptions to the building process
  • No more scheduling hassles
  • No more need to leave the job site during the treatment
  • No more weather delays
  • No more problems with treatments near water

 What is a termite baiting system?    

  • Controls termites with an odourless, less invasive, targeted approach provides an environmentally sensible solution
  • Has low impact on human health, low toxicity to bird, fish and plants, and low potential for groundwater contamination
  • Requires no drilling in floors or trenching around the home

 How does a termite baiting system work?  

  •  Termite stations are placed in the soil in prime termite-foraging area around the house
  • The termite stations are checked for signs of termite activity
  • When termites are found in the termite stations, more frequent monitoring is put in place to check termite consumption of the bait rod and replace as needed.
  • Termites feed on the termite bait, tunnel back to their colony, and send their nest mates back to fee on the bait.

Put the termite pre-treatment back in your hands with Creepy Crawly Pest Control’s Termite Baiting System

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