Tips to Reduce the Risk from termites

There are several ways that the risks of termite infestations can be reduced. The following actions can be taken to help reduce the risks of termites invading your home:

1. Remove stored timber and debris
2. Repair leaking taps and pipes
3. Ensure that vents to sub-floor areas are never blocked by soil or gardens
4. Divert all hot water services and air conditioning overflows away from the side of the house
5. Ensure storm water run-off is properly connected
6. Use only treated timber in garden beds, retaining walls or fence posts
7. Construct timber fences and support posts with at least a 50mm clearance between the timbers and the soil
8. Don't allow climbing plants or bushy gardens to grow against the structure
9. Remove dead trees or stumps
10. Ensure the termite shielding is not damaged or breached in anyway