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Patented, state-of-the art, long-term defense. Keep the bugs out of your new home

A patented, state-of-the-art product and service designed to satisfy your need for effective and convenient pest control.

While the house is under construction a network of small plastic tubing is installed in designated walls. These tubes are perforated every 30 centimetres and are linked to service ports on the exterior of the home.

Every 12 months, a Creepy Crawly Pest Control technician injects precise amounts of pest control materials from these ports into the tubes.

Service also includes an application of pest control materials around the outside of your home and an exterior treatment of windows, doors, eaves and weep-holes.

Five reasons to have the patented pest defence system in your home:

Minimal exposure to family, pets and interior surfaces, because the pest control materials are applied directly into walls.

After the initial visit, you do not have to be home during service, since the ports are located on the outside walls of your house.

No need to move furniture, clear cabinets or clean countertops before service, plus no staining or clean-up afterwards.

Lasting treatments due to minimal exposure to ultraviolet light, which can reduce the effectiveness of pest control materials.

Comparable in costs to conventional pest control treatments.

The Pest Defense System Tubes in the Wall offers these unique benefits and provides GUARANTEED results.

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