Creepy Crawly |Plastmite Reticulation System

Environmentally friendly alternative for termite protection.

Plasmite Reticulation System is a tried and proven termite barrier for new construction. It can be used in almost any building situation or detail and some of the largest builders in Australia use and recommend Plasmite Reticulation System.

The Plasmite Reticulation system is Codemark certified by demonstrating the product complies with the relevant Building Codes of Australia and is a system that can be trusted for ultimate protection against termites.

When Creepy Crawly technical conduct an annual inspection of a Plasmite Reticulation System (in cavity) property they will re-treatment of the system at no extra cost to the original homeowner. This is terrific value and is in place for the life of the structure.

Renewable warranty for life of structure.

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