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Termifilm™ Physico-Chemical Termite Barrier

Ecological Termite Protection

Termifilm is a solid film that will not wash out, covers the surface of foundations, and is easily identifiable (green).

Very high resistance polyethylene for protection against termites, suitable for all types of buildings

Environmentally friendly with treatment components derived from termicidal molecules (Permethrin) directly grafted in the polyethylene, this will not pollute groundwater as the molecules are fixed to the film.

Efficacy tests have been carried out since 1994 on sites in highly infested zones and lab tests with artificial ageing tests representing 50 plus years both have demonstrated no loss in termite-proof action

Termifilm is both a repellent and lethal on contact for termites.

Termifilm provides an additional function as a water-proof film and UV resistant.

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