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Proven termite defence system

A system that upon correct application, will not corrode or rust. It can be used in any environment, placed around the slab penetrations and building perimeters providing protection for the life of the structure.

Woven™ Stainless Steel Mesh is manufactured from high grade corrosion resistant 316/725 stainless steel mesh and coating with our proprietary rust inhibiting sealer for further protection.

Woven™ Stainless Steel Mesh meets Australian Standard 3660.1.2014 Section 6 and has Codemark product conformity to ensure quality. The certificate of Conformity demonstrates that our product complies with the relevant Building Codes of Australia and is a system that can be trusted for ultimate protection against termites.

Up to 12 years renewable warranty for life of structure.

*See Woven™ Stainless Steel Mesh warranty for full terms and conditions


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