Commercial Pest Control 

Pests are unquestionably a part of our environment …
… but they don’t need to be part of your business.

Today, though social media, when one person sees a bug, literally millions could learn that your business has a “bug problem” in a matter of days – causing irreparable damage to your image and reputation.

Creepy Crawly Pest Control offer customised approaches for every business, industry-specific programs (commercial/service-provided) that include proactive and cutting – edge techniques as well as ongoing service to  help eliminate pests that plague businesses – cockroaches, ants, rats, mice, bedbugs and even termites.

We ensure property line to property line protection. Not just interior coverage.  We are committed to comprehensive support. If there is ever a problem between regular service visits, we’ll respond to you in two hours and be on the property within 24 hours if not sooner to resolve the issue.

In addition, we’ll work with you and your team to help ensure you meet Government guidelines and compliance protocols.

Creepy Crawly Pest Control can service commercial properties such as cafes, pubs, clubs, schools, day care and shopping centres. After hour treatments can be arranged to ensure convenience for everyone involved and to keep on top of the breeding of pests, monthly and quarterly services are usually conducted (particularly kitchens).

Regular pest control treatments are crucial to keep your premises hygienic and clean for customers and children – especially if health/authority audits and inspections are carried out on a frequent basis. It will give everyone peace of mind and a boost of confidence in your company.

Creepy Crawly Pest Control has vast experience in treating commercial properties and you can be assured that a professional, efficient job will be done whilst being competitively priced.

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