10 Common Pest Fun Facts

Below are some interesting facts on many bugs and insects:

1. Termites are the only social insects that don't have complete metamorphosis(what butterflies and moths have)
2. Cockroaches can live for a few days without their heads
3. Bugs crunch when you step on them because their skeleton is on the outside and made of a material similar to our hair and fingernails
4. When honey bee queens are dying, they emit a pheromone that makes them smell like a stranger bee, so all of the workers in the colony form a ball and kill her
5. Praying mantises are related to cockroaches
6. There are caterpillars who mimic the markings of snakes in order to keep predators from eating them
7. Mosquito pupae are mobile, unlike most other insects with pupae
8. Roly-Polys aren't bugs, they are crustaceans (similar to lobsters and shrimp)
9. Only the male crickets "sing" so the females can find them
10. You can get a flea infestation months after a house or apartment has been closed up. The adults will stay in the pupal case until there are vibrations and they can sense carbon dioxide. There are the clues to let them know that food is nearby