Creepy Crawly | Bed Bugs 

Bed Bugs have once again become a BIG problem for the hospitality industry. These tiny wingless insects move easily from place to place by crawling into clothing and luggage to hitch a ride. 

Please note this treatment is commercial only.

Bed bugs are not a sign of poor sanitation, and they can affect any hotel.

Bed Bugs feed by piercing the skin and sucking the blood of your guests while they sleep. They are not just a nuisance – they are a major problem that can result in customer dissatisfaction, lost business or lawsuits!

Introducing the bed bug solution

The bed bug solution uses forced air heaters to raise the temperature in bed bug infested areas. The high temperature is raised slowly, causing no damage to room contents, and is maintained for one hour.

It kills bed bugs at all stages of development – from egg to adult. This proprietary treatment is the only remediation treatment of this type offered by the pest management industry today.

Bed bug treatment includes: 

  • Training for hotel staff
  • Thorough inspection of guest room prior to treatment
  • Protection of all heat sensitive items
  • Monitored service from adjoining room during heat treatment
  • Equipment removal immediately after treatment
  • Follow-up inspection the morning after treatment
  • Complete review of results with hotel staff

Why heat vs residual product

Bed Bugs hide in every crack and crevice in a guest room. Therefore, it is difficult to apply a residual product that affects the entire bed bug population. Not all bed bugs are susceptible to residual products because:   

  • They do not groom themselves so dust is rarely ingested
  • The design of their body keeps them from coming into contact with the product
  • A residual treatment typically requires follow up on a weekly basis for up to 12 weeks

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